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Established in 1978, we are a full service law firm specializing in both commercial and personal areas of law and we represent clients throughout West Michigan and the entire Midwest. Our attorneys are well known by local judges and other legal firms in the areas of commercial and business law, personal injury and wrongful death, construction law, zoning, planning and land use issues, banking law, civil rights, domestic relations and divorce, sales representative law, collections, insurance litigation, and real estate. + Learn more about our LAW firm

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With over 35 years’ experience and a stellar track record, we have the understanding and know-how to represent clients in many areas. We also offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your case.  + see how we can help you 

The Latest News

  • Congratulations Gary Schenk

    Congratulations to Gary Schenk, one of our founding partners.  Gary has been recognized again this year by Martindale-Hubbell, the country's leading lawyer assessment (by his peers) and information source, as a "Pre-Eminent AV" lawyer, the highest award for ethics and legal skills.  This rating was given to Gary by his peers in both the Bar and by the Judiciary in a confidential survey of lawyers and Judges.  << Read More

  • Non Compete Agreements - Enforceable

    We are often asked "are non-compete agreements enforceable"?  The problem is, we are usually asked this question when an employee who is subject to a non-compete is leaving his or her employment for "greener pastures".  The notion that said employee might have assigned away his/her right to work in the same industry with the same customers for a period of years is something they simply are unwilling to accept.  << Read More

  • Save a Little Time

    PA 36, 2015 amends the Revised Judicature Act to permit a Demand for Payment or Demand for Possession to be served on a tenant via electronic means, (e.g. email) if the tenant has consented to receive service electronically.  Our suggestion - if you are a Landlord, provide in your lease agreement consent for electronic service and obtain the tenants email address or fax number.  This will save the cost of service, the time it takes to accomplish service, and can shorten the time it takes to obtain judicial relief.  IMPORTANTLY, you may NOT refuse to lease to a tenant because the tenant will not agree to accept electronic service.    << Read More

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