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A Few Ways You Can Help with Your Social Security Disability Case Part II

Here are a couple more ways you can help your attorney with your social security disability case:

1. Tell your doctor about all of the side effects of any medications you are taking.  Many times a claimant stops taking a prescribed medication due to the side effects, but never reports it to her doctor or asks her doctor for a new medication.  The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may then determine that the medical condition must not have been too bad, since the claimant apparently did not need her medication.

2.  A claimant should not stop mentioning her medical conditions and symptoms to her primary care doctor simply because she is seeing a specialist for that condition.  Often, we hear ALJ's remark that if a claimant truly had a disabling condition, she would have complained about it to every doctor she sees, not just her specialist.  Make sure that your medical conditions and their symptoms are noted many times in the medical records of every doctor you see, and don't stop complaining about them.

By: Susan J. Knoll