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  • Taxation-New Uncapping Rules--UPDATE

    On December 31 of 2013, MCL 211.27a(7)(s) took effect.  The purpose of the new law was to permit the inter-family transfer of residential property while preserving the current "cap" on the taxable value of the family property .  The Act envisioned that cottages, vacations homes, residences, recreational property all could be transferred within the family without the effect of having that property "uncapped" resulting in higher property taxes.  << Read More

  • Developments In Employment Law

    Michigan has joined 12 other states in enacting "social media password protection" laws.  While varying widely in the restrictions imposed and in their complexity, these laws share a common thread; they all prohibit employers from asking applicants for their user name, password or other log-in credentials for their personal social media accounts.  Most of these states, including Michigan impose the same prohibition with respect to employees, i.e., you cannot ask to explore your employee's social media accounts.  << Read More

  • Lawful Non-Conforming Uses :: Grandfathered Property and Zoning Law

    Clients often call to ask if the property they are selling is subject to “new” zoning regulations which were adopted after they bought the property and which regulations would disallow the current use if they were requesting it for the first time. The question is usually phrased in the form of a statement: “my property is ‘grandfathered’ and they can’t change it”.  << Read More

  • About Us

    A heads-up for our website visitors.  If you look at the bottom right hand side of our Home Page, you will see the sign located in front of our building.  Click on that area and see a short film regarding the firm and its history.  << Read More