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  • Non Compete Agreements - Enforceable

    We are often asked "are non-compete agreements enforceable"?  The problem is, we are usually asked this question when an employee who is subject to a non-compete is leaving his or her employment for "greener pastures".  The notion that said employee might have assigned away his/her right to work in the same industry with the same customers for a period of years is something they simply are unwilling to accept.  << Read More

  • Conditional Zoning--Enhance Your Zoning Request

    Many times a zoning body (Planning Commission, Township Board, etc) is reluctant to rezone a property without a specific use.  Once a parcel is rezoned, ANY USE PERMITTED in the "new" or rezoned district is fair game.  For example, rezoning a parcel from Agricultural to Commercial sounds simple when the petitioner is talking in general terms about his "hopes" for his new buildings or land use.  It may turn out that the Commercial District permits liquor stores in that district but the parcel in question is located near a residential area where such use might be frowned on.  Yet, a developer can talk about his "plans" and when the rezone comes about, the use may end up very different from those plans.  << Read More

  • Developments In Employment Law

    Michigan has joined 12 other states in enacting "social media password protection" laws.  While varying widely in the restrictions imposed and in their complexity, these laws share a common thread; they all prohibit employers from asking applicants for their user name, password or other log-in credentials for their personal social media accounts.  Most of these states, including Michigan impose the same prohibition with respect to employees, i.e., you cannot ask to explore your employee's social media accounts.  << Read More