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  • Is It Discrimination If It Is LGBT Negative?

    Employers are concerned.  It is possible to run afoul of anti-discrimination laws without intending to do so.  Irrespective of one's personal views on LGBT matters, we are often asked "if an employment policy appears to adversely affect gay people i.e. providing separate dressing areas because straight employees demand it" is it discrimination?"  Simply put, employers do not want to violate the law.  << Read More

  • Beware--New DOL Overtime Regs. Released

    "But I thought they were exempt employees"!!!  The lament of the uninformed HR Director.  The most prominent change in the final changes to overtime regulations by the Dept. of Labor is the increase in the salary level required for for exempt employees.  The new "exempt" level is $47,476 annually ($913/week) to have the status of an, exempt employee.  << Read More

  • Employment Law--Drug Testing

    Drug testing is a fait accomopli in existing employment law.  It is permitted and employers who have legitimate concerns regarding drug use are becoming increasingly interested in conducting drug testing.  This is particularly true in the case of a new applicant for employment.  << Read More