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  • Conditional Zoning--Enhance Your Zoning Request

    Many times a zoning body (Planning Commission, Township Board, etc) is reluctant to rezone a property without a specific use.  Once a parcel is rezoned, ANY USE PERMITTED in the "new" or rezoned district is fair game.  For example, rezoning a parcel from Agricultural to Commercial sounds simple when the petitioner is talking in general terms about his "hopes" for his new buildings or land use.  It may turn out that the Commercial District permits liquor stores in that district but the parcel in question is located near a residential area where such use might be frowned on.  Yet, a developer can talk about his "plans" and when the rezone comes about, the use may end up very different from those plans.  << Read More

  • Taxation-New Uncapping Rules--UPDATE

    On December 31 of 2013, MCL 211.27a(7)(s) took effect.  The purpose of the new law was to permit the inter-family transfer of residential property while preserving the current "cap" on the taxable value of the family property .  The Act envisioned that cottages, vacations homes, residences, recreational property all could be transferred within the family without the effect of having that property "uncapped" resulting in higher property taxes.  << Read More