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  • Conditional Zoning--Enhance Your Zoning Request

    Many times a zoning body (Planning Commission, Township Board, etc) is reluctant to rezone a property without a specific use.  Once a parcel is rezoned, ANY USE PERMITTED in the "new" or rezoned district is fair game.  For example, rezoning a parcel from Agricultural to Commercial sounds simple when the petitioner is talking in general terms about his "hopes" for his new buildings or land use.  It may turn out that the Commercial District permits liquor stores in that district but the parcel in question is located near a residential area where such use might be frowned on.  Yet, a developer can talk about his "plans" and when the rezone comes about, the use may end up very different from those plans.  << Read More

  • Lawful Non-Conforming Uses :: Grandfathered Property and Zoning Law

    Clients often call to ask if the property they are selling is subject to “new” zoning regulations which were adopted after they bought the property and which regulations would disallow the current use if they were requesting it for the first time. The question is usually phrased in the form of a statement: “my property is ‘grandfathered’ and they can’t change it”.  << Read More